Part of the Center for Urban and Global Studies, The Cities Program utilizes the city of Hartford as a dynamic resource, incorporates the study of dynamic global cities including Paris, Barcelona, and Shanghai, and positions students to take advantage of numerous opportunities for hands-on engagement with contemporary urban issues. The Cities Program is designed to be compatible with every major offered at Trinity, including not just those in the humanities and social science disciplines that are central to the program, but also those in the arts and the natural sciences. The Cities Program has also become a launching pad for students to continue with an urban studies minor or major.

It is common for Cities students to take advantage of programs offered by the Center for Urban and Global Studies, including the Center’s summer study away trip in China and independent student research grants.

In March of each year, exceptionally well-qualified applicants for admission to Trinity are invited to become candidates for the program. Applicants to the College who do not receive such an invitation but who find the program appealing may also become candidates by notifying its director, Garth Myers, of their interest no later than April 25.


The Cities Program

70 Vernon Street
Hartford, CT 06106