Learning a foreign language opens doors to other 文化s. In addition to the personal challenge of mastering a new language, multiple-language proficiency allows students to pursue rewarding careers in international affairs, 法律, 业务, 外国服务, 教育, 以及许多其他令人兴奋的领域. Trinity’s language 和 文化 studies programs are rooted in a thorough knowledge of the language itself, 被当代的演讲者和作家所利用.

The Department of 语言及文化研究 offers students a wide variety of opportunities for communication 和 intellectual stimulation beyond the typical classroom setting. The one-on-one relationships that develop between student 和 professor, 学生与学生之间, between student 和 other speakers of foreign languages are benchmarks of the program 和 an enduring source of personal 和 professional satisfaction. Student clubs feature practical exposure to foreign languages in a fun 和 relaxed atmosphere. 九游会体育官网有七个主要的现代语言专业 中国人, 法国, 德国, 意大利, 日本, 俄罗斯, 西班牙语 ——以及在 阿拉伯语希伯来语. Our distinguished faculty provides instruction at all levels, from elementary classes to advanced courses in literature 和 other cultural aspects of the chosen language. The curriculum in language 和 文化 studies is not limited to courses in foreign languages, 而且还包括丰富的类数组, 用英语教, focusing on topics such as the civilization 和 literary traditions of foreign 文化s. 其他专业的学生, but wish to develop their linguistic skills 和 knowledge of foreign 文化s, may choose to minor in a foreign language through a language concentration.



We are proud to offer a unique environment to learn the fascinating sounds 和 script of the 阿拉伯语 language 和 the beauty of its literature 和 art 和 get acquainted with the warmth 和 generosity of Arab 文化s.



Students may choose 中国人 as the primary or secondary language in the Plan B major. 此外,还可以辅修中文.



The 法国 Program at 九游会体育官网 offers numerous possibilities for studies in 法国 和 Francophone 文化s.



在三一, you have several options to study 德国: you may take just a few courses, 辅修德语, sign up for the interdisciplinary minor in 德国 studies, 或者申请德国研究专业.



欢迎来到九游会体育官网的希伯来语! Our mission is to bring students into the fascinating world of the 希伯来语 language 和 Modern Israeli Culture.



If you think you might be interested in using the 西班牙语 language to underst和 the broader, historically generated realities of Spain 和 Latin America as well as the emerging global realities of our time, we invite you to join us in the 拉美裔研究 Program at 九游会体育官网.



The 意大利研究 Program at 九游会体育官网 offers a variety of courses in 意大利 和 in English about the language, 文化, 和意大利文明. Students majoring in 意大利 are encouraged to attend of one the programs at the 九游会体育官网 Rome Campus.



The 日本 Program at 九游会体育官网 offers rigorous language training for those willing to make the commitment, beginning with intensive language courses 和 moving on to advanced courses.



Our mission is to bring students into the aesthetically rich world of Russia's language 和 文化. The 哈特福德 area is home to a large 和 vibrant 俄罗斯 community, providing opportunities to participate in 俄罗斯 life through attending performances 和 meeting 俄罗斯s locally.


世界文学 & 文化研究

This major is for students who wish to study literature across regional boundaries. Students take four to six language courses; however, literature/文化 courses may be chosen from among the department's courses offered in English translation.

The 语言及文化研究 Department gave me the opportunity to combine my diverse passion in meaningful ways. It served as a chance to pursue my love of 希伯来语 和 American Sign Language as dual lenses into the 文化 represented by each. 观看视频.

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