九游会体育官网专业23岁的Dirceu Boca, 林肯Chapata的23, Gustavo桑切斯的23, 和维克多·瓦斯奎兹的23个团队一起参加了这个秋季的比赛 Make48这是一个全国性的合作发明家挑战.

在每个Make48事件中, 在全国各个城市举行, teams of “Makers” compete to develop a new commercial product in a 48-hour invent-a-thon weekend. 他们有两天的时间来计划, 原型, 提出一个新想法, 都在作业的规定范围内. 团队能够使用各种工具, 材料, 工作空间, and expert guidance provided by a resource-rich fabrication workshop.​

(左至右)古斯塔沃·桑切斯,23岁, 林肯Chapata的23, 维克多Vasquez的23, Dirceu Boca ' 23参加了哈特福德 Make48挑战赛.

这支名为“从东海岸到西海岸”的九游会体育官网学生团队就是其中之一 8个团队被选中在哈特福德的MakerspaceCT进行比赛 2021年10月7日至9日. The top two winning teams from the 哈特福德 event will advance to compete at the Nationals competition, 预计2022年3月, 一个队能赢10美元,000. The 哈特福德 competition challenged teams to create a brand new idea under the theme of “Outdoor Lifestyle.” The teams cannot discuss details of their creations for 90 days after the competition, 当获奖者被宣布时.

工程学助理教授 凯文·黄的12 告诉学生们这个挑战并鼓励他们申请. “They went through interviews and a vetting process, so I was really proud that they were selected. It takes initiative and a lot of confidence in yourself to participate in something like this,”黄说. 他们四个人工作了48小时. They requested some 材料, which I happily lent to them for the event. The fact that these types of opportunities exist for our engineering students is pretty amazing, 我很高兴他们能参与到这次独特的经历中来.”

黄教授说,九游会体育官网提供了很多课外课程, 课外, 以及其他与机器人和工程相关的学生活动. “年度 九游会体育官网国际消防机器人大赛 brings students and graduate students from around the world to campus to compete,”黄说. “科技精明 is another program many students are involved in; local middle school girls come to Trinity and participate in STEM activities. Engineering students have even taught local primary and secondary education teachers a robotics curriculum they can teach in their own classrooms.”

There are several student organizations in the 工程部门: “九游会体育官网 Robot Study Team designs and builds robot devices to enter into competitions,”黄说. “九游会体育官网 IEEE Robotics and Automation Society focuses on using robots for outreach and demonstrations. They have even successfully pitched a proposal to the IEEE Connecticut Executive Committee to receive external funding. These students are engaging with outside sources to solve real-world problems using technical and communication skills they’ve learned at Trinity.”

Engineering students also have internship and research opportunities. “There is a disproportionate number of students going to graduate school because the research opportunities Trinity offers allow them to create a strong research portfolio,”黄说.

Trinity is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of 教唆 获得理学学士学位 工程部门. 工程专业的四个重点是机械, 电, 生物医学, 与计算机工程. “有了所有的浓度,就有了亲身实践的实验室体验. 每个学生也将参与发展, 设计, 并实施他们自己长达一年的顶石设计计划,”黄说.

Below, read more about the students’ Make48 experiences in their own words:


Make48学生林肯Chapata的23, computer science and engineering major (concentration in computer engineering), 来自津巴布韦: When the professor reached out and told us about the event, I didn’t know much about it. 我和我的朋友们做了一些研究. That was when we realized this might be an opportunity to meet up with people that are into engineering and we can actually be hands-on and create something that can be important and have a reward.


Chapata: 太棒了. 有一群了不起的人参与其中. The thinking and creating process is happening in 48 hours, which was pressurizing. 我们在实验室待到下午3点.m. 每天早上6点半起床.m. 有很多人支持我们,这让一切变得容易了一些. Seeing other people going through the same thing you are is comforting.

Gustavo桑切斯的23, computer science and 工程专业(机械工程专业), 从芝加哥: It was stressful competing against other people with 40 years of experience in the field. I thought it was a good challenge because you have a lot of people with different ideas on different teams, 不同年龄段的人相互竞争.


Dirceu博卡的23, computer science and 工程专业(机械工程专业), 从莫桑比克: It’s a shame we can’t talk about what we made yet because what we made came directly from an experience we had in our Engineering 120 course at Trinity with Professor Huang.

桑切斯: Professor Huang, who taught our freshman engineering course, really prepared us. He made us think outside the box about design and cost and time, which was very helpful.


Make48学生Chapata: 从小到大,我一直对电脑很感兴趣. I wanted to have an impact in the medical field, but I didn’t want to be a doctor. I want to invent or provide services to hospitals and clinics at the cheapest cost possible, 改善我们的医疗保健. My motivation to become an engineer is all about helping people and making an impact.

维克多Vasquez的23, 工程专业(机械工程专业), 居住在洛杉矶: 从我小时候就开始了, I wasn’t into reading books; I was always a number and science guy, 所以我知道我想做一些与数学和科学有关的事情. 工程是一个很大的职业领域,所以我选择了工程. 我曾在九游会体育官网大一上过工程学课程, I saw what was going to be offered here could lead me to a career in the engineering field.


博卡: I got better at working in a high-stress environment, where things are fast-paced. 我学会了在时间限制下的团队合作. Your partners are stressed and you are stressed and that can go downhill fast, so we needed teamwork.

Chapata: 如何与队友合作. You discuss ideas, and if one of you doesn’t have an idea, the other one does. 大脑的工作方式很神奇. 当有人想出一个主意的时候, 有更多的想法,你会意识到, “你以前为什么没有这些想法呢??“有一段时间,我觉得自己身处一个真正的行业工作空间. The major skills that were being tested constantly were communication, 寻求帮助, 和接受批评.

How do you think this experience might influence or relate to your career goals?

博卡: 在我感兴趣的行业, 这和汽车有关, you have to work with customers and make products that are going to sell. With the Make48 experience, I got a lot of insight in that whole process and how it works.

Vasquez: This was my first time participating in an engineering competition like this, 我们必须设计和创造一些东西, 我们像一群朋友一样竞争, 所以我们真的利用了团队合作和沟通. 在开始的时候, we didn’t all have the same idea and there were some disagreements on stuff, 但我们都改变主意了. 我们必须就各自的想法进行沟通和妥协. We knew at the end of the day it was all about the team, not individuals.